TMS Starting Grant Programme – Call 2022

Step 1 – Prequalification

Deadline 8 March 2022.

Call documents and templates:
(English only.)

Results from the prequalification round will be ready in the middle of June 2022. The deadline for proposals to the final round will be medio August and the interview day for the finalists will be announced later. Results from the final round will be announced on December 2nd 2022.

For additional information about the TMS Starting Grant Program, see previous grantees and/or contact the foundation.
See also the University of Bergen’s article series on 6 previous grantees:

  1. Criminal Law: Work that never ends – Professor Jørn Jacobsen
  2. From skis to Sjøgren’s Syndrome – Professor Silke Apppel
  3. Fascinated by the brain – Professor Karsten Specht
  4. Manuscripts that link Europe together – Professor Åslaug Ommundsen
  5. “Funded at just the right time” – Professor Bodil Holst
  6. Doing time for the climate – Professor Håvard Haarstad